Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Job re-allocated

A couple of months ago, we had a group called the Delta Group come in to the ED and watch how the staff worked. Last week, we were informed that everyone would be re-allocated a new position. The way it was decided as to who got to choose what position is by number of years working, by performance appraisal and by if you were on corrective action...I am on corrective action because of missing work. I injured my back in September of 2007, then last fall I had several illnesses with me and my family that would have been covered by FMLA if I had not missed 3 months the year before. I was short to qualify for FMLA by 7 days. So, as a result, none of my illnesses or my family illnesses (my son had cancer) was covered by FMLA. "Corrective Action". That is what the incident is called. I cannot miss work for a full three months to get off of "corrective action", so I am at the bottom of the list for positions to select. No worries though. I work nights, there are night positions that are still opened, so I should not have a problem getting what I am working now. Though I am still not working right now because of my knee. Cannot work in the ED with a knee brace...how silly is that. I have to work without it, more at risk for injuring it worse then if it were protected. Gotta love my job.

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